"Part of the reason we have returned to Meribel for the last three years is the fact that we can have lessons with Christo. He is a great ski instructor – equally good at inspiring and challenging children and coping with their less adventurous mothers! As well as knowing the area intimately (including suggesting bars and restaurants to meet our taste), he is excellent at planning the day so that everyone gets what they want out of it – be that technical expertise, confidence building or a lot of fun. We cannot recommend him highly enough."
The Kenyon Family, Bristol
"The girls thought Christo was the best ski instructor they have ever had. I can't believe how much they have improved in a week."
Donna McElhinney, UK
"We had a fantastic time, I am sure that we wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly as much if it hadn't been for your input. The major factor for us was the confidence that you gave Catherine and the improvement in her skiing that followed. Great news because she had started to mutter about quitting, so despite the boys moaning about speed, you have been instrumental in all of us carrying on with skiing. The three boys therefore owe you a huge debt."
The Turner Family, UK
"It is with great pleasure that we watched your video with the family. It is a pity that Vova didn't start with you on the first day, Christo. We are very pleased with the result of your work with Vova and hope next time to come for two weeks without waisting any time, and from the first day Vova will begin your lessons. Thank you very much from all our family and see you next season. Sincerely"
Alexei And Galina, Kyiv
"This is the second year that we come to Courchevel, in order for our child to learn how to ski. Thanks to Christo, Yegor understood how to ski :) I am grateful to my friend for reccomending me Christo. My child is happy to go skiing every day, and most importantly, at the end of our stay, Yegor realized that skiing is great! We hope that next year, Christo will ski with us again :) And thank you for your pleasant communication!"
Sofia Romanova, Yegor\'s mum, Moscow
"Brilliant lesson on Friday thank you so much. Excellent teaching and plenty of tips to take away and practice on my own. Thank you for spending alot of time on the basic fundamentals of skiing to avoid developing any bad habits. I need to book another ski holiday. Thanks again, and I'm happy that skiing isn't as hard as I imagined.
Hannah Brand, UK
"Hi Christo,
Thanks for a brilliant 3 days. I particularly like the way you break down each operation into its component parts and have a little exercise for each one, with the result that when one finally comes to perform the whole manoevre, there are no surprises. There is work to be done, but I really feel that I am a better skier now, thanks to you."
Gil Sharp, UK